In language arts, we read a book called The Westing Game. In The Westing Game there’s a girl names Turtle Wexler who likes to do stocks. Mrs. Sprague and Mrs. Donnelly worked with us to set up formulas in a spreadsheet, then Mrs. Donnelly let us spend $20,000 fake dollars on stocks. The stocks I invested in were Netflix, Starbucks, Nike, Target, Costco, and Amazon. My final gain was $755.13.

My TED Like Talk

My TED Like Talk was some book recommendations. The books I had chosen to talk about were the Warriors series, the Wings of Fire series, I have a blog post about both of those series if you want to check it out, I also talked about Orphan Island, Front Desk, and the Lockwood & Co. series.

At the beginning of the project we watched some TED Talks and chose what we wanted to share. Then we researched about our topic and created a presentation. After we finished our presentation, we practiced then presented. After we presented, classmates would have some questions and compliments.

It was a fun experience and I liked presenting to the class.


The Last Cuentista and My Ideal World


The first book we read in language arts class was The Last Cuentista by Donna Barba Higuera. The book is about a girl named Petra Peña. What happens is that her, her family, and some other people have to leave Earth and go to a planet called Sagan and leave behind everyone else because Halley’s Comet is going to destroy the Earth. The ride to Sagan takes hundreds of years so all the passengers except the people that are taking care of them need to basically go to sleep for the whole ride. When they wake up, Petra is the only one who remembers Earth. She has to keep stories alive and save the people. To keep stories going, you have to tell them to other people then they pass them along and keep the stories going and alive.

My ideal world is my version of perfect. Everyone is happy, there’s candy meadows, people can fly, everyone is at peace. I have another blog post about my ideal world, check it out! Ideal worlds really depend on the person making them, they are really fun to make.

After we had made our ideal world and our cuentos, we made books! We had Peg Gignoux come and she helped me and my class make books. We did ink printing then we collaged, then we did folding and cutting, and putting on our covers.

Thanks for reading! I hope you read The Last Cuentista!


                                                              Ms. Norkus

Movement is a fine art that you can choose in 7th and 8th grade. In 5th and 6th grade, fine arts is a rotation between Theater, Art, Computer Science, Band, Chorus, and Movement. The Movement teacher is Ms. Norkus.

In Movement, you choreograph dances to show to your class. We also do different warm-ups, one of them being Walk Abouts which is where we go outside, stretch, and play at the playground for a little while.

Right now in Movement, we’re working on our final projects. Final projects are a dance that we work on with a group or just a partner. We have to use at least 10 movements that we’ve learned throughout the trimester like an arabesque or grapevine.

Movement is really fun! I also can’t wait for my next fine art rotation, Band.

My Ideal World

In Language Arts, we had to design our dream world! This is how I imagine mine.

My planet is in the Milky Way and it is called Shnoopia. The sunset and sunrise colors can change; one day the sunset could be a purple to blue gradient for example. The clouds are made of cotton candy.

There are meadows and forests like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. You can go on clouds and float around on them and even though they are made of cotton candy; they aren’t sticky. There are also floating islands where people can live and play. There is no pollution and the temperature is 75˚F. Plus, there are no bugs.

Candy is not bad for you. There are also no bad germs or  sicknesses. People have wings so they can fly around. There are animals from Earth and mythical creatures like dragons and unicorns. Plus, the animals and people get along well. The people are nice and care for each other, the planet, and the animals. People’s clothes are made out of dyed animal furs. People make dye out of different flowers and berries.

In terms of currency, there is no money but people do trade things. Specific people are better at making clothes and they get their food from trading clothes for it.

As for food and water, people are more like hunters and gatherers. They hunt for their food and they gather berries and other fruits and vegetables. The water on the planet’s flavor changes depending on what the person drinking likes. There are no farms and people don’t own any animals.

That is what my dream planet is like. You should make one too!

Field Trip at NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Photos were taken by teachers

On Friday, the 6th graders at my school went to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

The two areas I wrote about on a reflection worksheet were an exhibit called “RACE: Are We So Different” and the Nature Research Center.

I learned that on March 23, 2003, there were meteoroids that fell in Chicago. Another thing I learned was that the most recent meteorite seen falling in NC was in 1874 and it was called “Castalia”.

In the exhibit “RACE: Are We So Different”, one of the posters I looked at was called “Dolo Swope”. I was wondering why they had made the poster so colorful. Another poster was a picture of a person and had a yellow outline on some of the picture. I don’t know what it was called but I was wondering why they had outlined the photo in yellow.

We also went to a dinosaur exhibit, a water exhibit, and other animal exhibits.

The museum was overall really fun and there was even a live sloth!

Window or Mirror?

Image from Libby

My book that I just finished last weekend was Warriors Super Edition: Bramblestar’s Storm by Erin Hunter. It was about wild cats that live in clans. Warriors is a series and Warriors Super Edition: Bramblestar’s Storm is about specifically Bramblestar’s view when there was a storm and the clans’ territories were flooded. Warriors Super Edition: Bramblestar’s Storm was a window for me. Warriors Super Edition: Bramblestar’s Storm by Erin Hunter is a fictional story. I chose this book because I love the Warriors series and I finished it so now I’m reading the super edition books.

Warriors Super Edition: Bramblestar’s Storm is a window for me because I’m not a cat, I don’t live in ThunderClan or any one of the Clans, and my home has never been flooded. I don’t choose window books on purpose because I just choose books I want to read. I do usually end up reading window books because I like fictional books. 

Wisdom Tales Project

For Language Arts, we had to work on a project about a story from the book Wisdom Tales from Around the World. I was in a group of three with me, Elena, and Louise. We did a Scratch project about a story called Feeding His Clothes, it is a Sufi story from the Middle East. Here is Our Scratch Project. The story is about a man named Mulla Nasrudin, that tried to get into a banquet but wasn’t let in because his clothes were ratty. He got some nicer clothes and he was able to go and before he ate, he put food on his clothes. I think the moral is don’t judge people on what they look like.

What we did is split up the jobs, Elena put in the facts like the story and moral, Louise made the buttons, and I did the coding.

This project was really fun and I enjoyed doing it.

Two of My Favorite Series (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT)


Two of my favorite series are Warriors also known as Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter, and Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland. I recommend them to the people who like animals and adventures. There is some violence in them but they’re still really good books.

Warriors is about groups of cats, clans, that live together and follow the Warrior Code. The clans are ThunderClan, RiverClan (my personal favorite), WindClan, ShadowClan, and SkyClan. The Warriors series is really really long with different arcs, if you do read them make sure you get the books from the right arc! There is also super edition books and they’re about specific cats. Erin Hunter is a pseudonym which is a fake name an author or authors could use. Erin Hunter is a group of people under one name, the people are Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Tui Sutherland, Gillian Philip, Inbali Iserles and Victoria Holmes. Currently there is more books coming in the Warriors series, Erin Hunter is making another arc called The Starless Clan, the newest book, Sky the second book in The Starless Clan arc was released November 1st 2022.

Now for Wings of Fire (WOF), WOF is a series about dragons that live in tribes. The tribes are IceWings, SkyWings, SeaWings, MudWings, SandWings, NightWings, RainWings, LeafWings, SilkWings, and HiveWings. This series written by Tui T. Sutherland who also was a part in writing Warriors (look above 👆). Correct me if I’m wrong, but WOF book 16 is coming out on the 27th of December 2022. I think it’s called The Beginning of the End. I’m exited to see what it’s going to be about!

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you read and enjoy these series!

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